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We were busy this week gearing up for Angel Investors Ontario Links on Tuesday. After AIO Links, things don’t seem to slow down, as we are all gearing up for Collision and the flurry of activity the conference brings to Toronto. We are excited to mix and mingle with entrepreneurs and investors at the preIGNITE Collision Event on Wednesday, June 19th.

June is one of my favourite months of the year. Not only is it my birthday month (send gifts to the office 🙂 ), but June is also the time for being in the world and throwing away the darkness of winter. June is the gateway to the slower, warmer months of summer.


June is pure magic. But May and I never seem to get along. May always leaves me frazzled—loose ends to tie from the fiscal year, financial audits, and planning for the summer months and the year ahead.
Procrastination, lack of concentration, and motivation—we all deal with these things sometimes. And sometimes, the best way to deal with them is to stop pushing. Go for a bike ride or a walk, go for a round of golf at AIO Links in Uxbridge on June 11th, and leave it alone to do it when you feel like it.


Sometimes, to do the task at hand, you have to not do the task at hand.


This advice always seems counterproductive. But getting up and away from the task or switching gears to another task can be the most productive thing at that moment. Sometimes, you must take drastic measures and just book a flight to Florida.

Changes in Attitudes, Changes in Latitudes

Okay, it was me. I booked a last-minute vacation in Florida. I hate to admit it, but stepping away for a week was my best decision. I came back to work relaxed and with more clarity. Building a business is hard work (like really hard!), and you must show up every day as your best self for your team. Sometimes, showing up means showing up for yourself first and foremost. Sometimes showing up means turning off – turning off a specific task or work all together.


We observed Mental Health Awareness Month in May, and June is a time to stand with our 2SLGBTQ+ friends and colleagues proudly. Reminders to care for yourself are all around us, but we rarely listen. This June, I hope you find time to step away from what is causing stress and find moments of joy.


Here’s to stepping away and having a productive June! Angel Investors Ontario Links is back for its third year at Wyndance Golf Club in Uxbridge- we hope to see you on the green! Have a fantastic month ahead!


Many thanks for reading!
Kate Tomen

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