Angel Investment Forum Schedule

9:00 am - Changing the Face of Angel Capital with The Firehood - BC Room

A considerable amount of funds has been allocated to advancing women’s economic empowerment with the first-ever Women Entrepreneurship Strategy and a goal to build strong, sustainable companies and fill the growing talent gap. AIO is a fundamental partner in achieving this goal by increasing the number of qualified women in investment roles within our diverse communities.

AIO’s programming, designed specifically for new Angel investors, addresses the need for connection, strong mentorship, effective role models, and relevant skills development, as well as cultivating more flexible and inclusive investing practices and raising awareness of the advantages of a diverse network of investors.


      • Dejana Dua: Partner, Anexa Capital
      • Ketaki Desai, PhD: Co-Founder & CEO, Tracer
      • Peng-Sang Cau: VP, ATS Automation
      • Helen Kontozopoulos: Co-Founder, Odaia Intelligence

Moderated by Danielle Graham, Co-Founder, The Firehood

10:00 am - Mastering Due Diligence with Grant Thornton LLP - BC Room

The Due Dilgeince Voucher Program is a pilot project to support due diligence by angel groups when they review investment opportunities. The DDVP will allow for more robust investment decision-making by Angel Investors into a specific start-up, a fulsome due diligence process will uncover risks but also upsides resulting in a higher level of comfort. While any investment decision has risks, testing assumptions, performing focused research, and evaluating ideas and the venture in a structured manner will support greater success with investments. It will also assist with a speedier decision on whether to invest or to pass. Learn about the essentials of due diligence, including forming an effective team, the key components to evaluating deals, how to dig into the deal, spotting deal killers, and the process of completing tasks.


      • Justin Fitchett, CPA: Manager, Advisory Service
      • David Fang: Director, Business Consulting
      • Alex Sutcliffe: Associate, Business Consulting

Moderated by Sanjay Desai, LLB, Partner, Advisory – Consulting

11:00 am - How Automation and Technology are Changing the Farming Industry - Toronto Six Studio

Farm automation and technologies, often associated with “smart farming”, are technologies that make farms more efficient and automate the crop or livestock production cycle. What innovative technologies are being used on farms and how are they being used? How do automation and technologies contribute to the reduction of GHG emissions? How can technologies yield new growth?


  • John Cassidy, Managing Director, Canada, THRIVE by SVG Ventures
  • Michael McGee, National Director of Innovation, Bioentreprise
  • Alison Sunstrum, Fellow, Creative Destruction Labs (CDL)

Moderated by Jean-Charles Le Vallée, Country Representative – Canada, Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA)

12:00 pm - Market Update with John Rikhtegar from RBCx - BC Room

Hear from John Rikhtegar, VP, Banking at RBCx to discuss the macroeconomic impacts to the tech sector and how our ecosystem can think through areas including access to capital, valuations, in addition to learning about business building and sectors to invest in.

12:30 pm - Lunch
1:30 pm - Fireside Chat: Peter Marrone, Yamama Gold - Cogeco Studio

Peter Marrone is the Executive Chairman of Yamana Gold Inc., which he founded in 2003. He has more than 35 years of mining, business, and capital markets experience. He has been on the boards of a number of public companies and has advised companies with a strong South American and North American presence. Prior to Yamana, Mr. Marrone was the head of investment banking at a major Canadian investment bank and before that practiced law in Toronto with a strong focus on corporate law, securities law and international transactions.

2:00 pm - The Future of Health: What's Next - Cogeco Studio

The health care industry is constantly evolving with innovation through technological advancements, and this has been greatly accelerated by the pandemic. How can we expect health care to change and how do we envision the supply chain of the future? How is disruptive technology revolutionizing health care? What is the link between health care and the economy?


Allan O’Dette, Chief Executive Officer, Ontario Medical Association (OMA)


  • Zayna Khayat, Vice President, Client Success & Growth, Teladoc Health
  • Patricia Gauthier, Country General Manager – Canada, Moderna
  • James Campbell, Director of the Health Workforce Department, World Health Organization (WHO)

Moderated by James Wright, Executive Vice President of Economics, Policy, and Research, Ontario Medical Association (OMA)

3:00 pm - Bold Moves for Gender Equity - Cogeco Studio

In collaboration with Canadian Women’s Foundation (CWF)

Workplaces are facing dramatic shifts. This disruption presents new opportunities to change corporate cultures and unlock the economic stimulus and workplace benefits that gender equality, diversity, and inclusion can enable. Cultivating diverse leadership, enacting better safety and anti-harassment measures, and shifting to hybrid work models are just some of the emergent practices to consider in 2022. There’s never been a better time to push for equity in the corporate world: what are the best policies, approaches, and concrete strategies to do it effectively, both nationally and globally?


  • Dominic Cole-Morgan, Senior Vice President of Total Rewards, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategy, ScotiaBank
  • Sonja Volpe, Chief Executive Officer, BNP Paribas Canada
  • Meghan Roach, Chief Executive Officer, Roots Canada
  • Terrie-Lynne Devonish, Chief Legal Officer, Altus Group


Charmaine Williams, Minister of Women, Ontario

Moderated by Paulette Senior, President and Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Women’s Foundation (CWF)

4:00 pm - Trends in VC and PE With Duncan Stewart - BC Room

Duncan is the Director of TMT Research for Deloitte Canada, a member of Deloitte’s US Center for Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT Center) and is a globally recognized expert on predicting the future of consumer and enterprise technology, media, and entertainment & telecommunications. He has been co-author of Deloitte Global’s annual Predictions report on trends in TMT since 2008. He meets with hundreds of the top tech, media, and telecom companies globally each year, and incorporates their insights into his work.

4:40 pm - Streamlining the Startup Visa - BC Room

Canada welcomes innovative business ideas and invites entrepreneurs from other countries to benefit from the strong Canadian economy. The SUV Program, launched by the IRCC, targets foreign start-ups with novel and new technology that have the potential to build innovative businesses within Canada and can help to further innovate within our entrepreneurial ecosystem.


      • Mana Hosseini: Founder and CEO, Bay Street Firm, LLC
      • Ozan Isinak: President, Keiretsu Forum Canada
      • Naumaan Hameed: Co-Founder, Greenberg Hameed PC

Moderated by Vikram Khurana, Chair, Toronto Development Centre

5:30 pm - Networking Reception - Salon A