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Why You Should Consider Joining an Angel Group This Season

by | Oct 17, 2023

Ontario’s angel groups are community-based and locally organized. They help to create the infrastructure for the community. Angel groups are social spaces that create a culture of innovation, conversation, and action.

Angel groups create the social infrastructure for mentoring and investing in early-stage startups. They’re necessary for having some sense that we’re in it together and a sense of common purpose. Being a member of an angel group means you are a member of a broader community across the province.

When you join an angel group as an angel member: 

  • You join a supported community of like-minded individuals who value giving back to their community.
  • You gain access to industry experts (your fellow angel members!) who can help support sector-specific research and due diligence.
  • You receive access to qualified deal flow, programming specific for angel investors, and mentorship from those who have been in your shoes as a new angel investor.
  • You will mentor the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders and spearhead innovation and entrepreneurial pursuits.

Community plays such a significant role in supporting startup companies. A wise person once said, “It takes a village to raise a child- but a community to raise a startup. 

If you are looking for another avenue to apply your expertise and share your experiences, all while making a positive impact on the future of the economy, view the angel groups in our network and use the form on the individual group’s page to get in touch so you can attend a meeting to get a better feel for the process. 

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