Programming For Women Angels



We are excited to launch a fresh new look at the current state of women in angel investing. Launching this March, 2022, this study was done in collaboration with Danielle Graham, Managing Partner of Phoenix Fire.

A considerable amount of funds has been allocated to advancing women’s economic empowerment with the first ever Women Entrepreneurship Strategy and a goal to build strong, sustainable companies and fill the growing talent gap. AIO is a fundamental partner in achieving this goal by increasing the number of qualified women in investment roles within our diverse communities.

AIO’s programming, designed specifically for new Angel investors, addresses the need for connection, strong mentorship, effective role models and relevant skills development, as well as cultivating more flexible and inclusive investing practices and raising awareness of the advantages of a diverse network of investors.  

To learn more about AIO’s women’s programming, please sign up here.


More about the author of this study: Danielle Graham is the Managing Partner of Phoenix Fire, a women-focused angel fund. She also founded Communitech’s Fierce Founders, the first women-focused tech accelerator in Canada. She was Manager of Ontario Centres of Innovation’s Market Readiness fund, Principal at Sandpiper Ventures. She is currently Executive-in-Residence for Capital at RVZ Brampton and heads the Capital Investment Program at Venture Lab.