Launch Hub Angels Network

Catchment Area: Markham

LaunchHub Angles Network is a non-for-profit platform for Asian Canadian angel investors to gain deal access, conduct due diligence and eventually invest in Canadian startup companies in their own language either directly or via centralized translation assistance.

LaunchHub Angles Network forms an innovation ecosystem with the success of LaunchHub Incubation Canada and LaunchHub Venture Capital Fund, which have incubated a portfolio of 30 entrepreneurial companies and invested $4 million in 13 of their startups since 2018.

We pre-screen startup companies via our startup onboarding process, organize regular investment roadshows in Asian language, provide project due diligence and investment documentation support in Asian language. We follow up invested startups for their ongoing development and seek opportunities for Asian Canadian investors to provide strategic input.

Our objective is to motivate the Asian Canadian investment capital into Canadian startup companies to help them grow and succeed internationally. This is accomplished by facilitating the investment capital flow, investment education, and international marketing into high-potential startup companies.

In collaboration with associated angel investor groups, Canadian universities, National Angel Capital Organization (NACO) and Angel Investors Ontario (AIO), we also provide the Asian Canadian angel investors with the opportunity to access a wider range of deal flows for their scope and reach.

LaunchHub Angels Network is located in LaunchHub Space in Markham, Ontario, Canada.

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