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Angel investors who fund start-ups hold a unique position. In pursuit of higher returns, Angels subsequently fuel entrepreneurial spirit and propel society forward. It’s a cyclical wonder.

The Merits of Angel Investing

  • Give back to the community
  • Access qualified deal flow
  • Spearhead innovation & entrepreneurial pursuits
  • Mentor the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders
  • Shape the future economy

The drive to help a venture is derived from a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship, the opportunity to mentor, the responsibility to give back to a community, and the desire to shape the future economy. Providing a monetary contribution from personal wealth affords Angels the opportunity to “get back in the game” as a board member or observing advisor.

If you are looking for another avenue to apply your expertise and share your experiences, all while making a positive impact on the future of the economy, contact us today.

Benefits of Joining an Angel Group

    The value of joining an Angel group is increasingly being recognized by Angels, who primarily join to mitigate risk, save time, and attract better investment opportunities. In addition to supporting investment activity, Angel groups provide a supportive environment that develops best practices for due diligence, investing, and mentoring. The alternative is to be an independent Angel, which provides contrasting advantages. The Comparison Check List below is provided to illustrate the benefits of joining an Angel group. Simply go through the “Key Considerations” column and check off one of the corresponding statements in the “Independent Angel” or “Angel Group” column that best match your preferences.

    General Steps Towards Joining an Angel Group

      1. Find your region or industry’s Angel investor group
        1. A fee may be required
        2. Sign the group’s Accredited Investor Declaration Form
        3. To determine if an Angel Group exists in your region, refer to the Existing Angel Groups
      2. Attend the group’s meetings and hear from entrepreneurs
      3. Decide whether or not to invest, based on your own interest, capacity and research

      FYI: It is possible to be a member of more than one Angel group. Some Angels, for instance, belong to a general Angel group and a sector specific one.

      The assessment of any opportunity and the decision to invest, individually or alongside others, is made by individuals, not the group. The group’s role is to enable investor knowledge development and convene investors and entrepreneurs.

      In addition to participating as an active investor in a group, Angels can also volunteer on a number of committees to support group activities. A few common committees include:

      • Applicant Review and Screening
      • Education
      • Entrepreneurship Mentorship

      Join an Angel Group

        Contact your local Angel Group directly or contact us to give you a referral.

        Start an Angel Group

        If an Angel investor group does not exist in your region or their members do not focus on your type of expertise, you may want to start an Angel Group.


        Do you have an investment opportunity that may qualify for FedDev Ontario’s Investing in Business Innovation funding? Then contact us!