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Angel Investors Ontario and Altitude Accelerator Launch Brampton Angels 

BRAMPTON: Canada’s second-fastest-growing city, Brampton, is celebrating success and growth in Brampton’s innovation sector by launching ‘Brampton Angels’, at an official launch event which took place on Wednesday, March 22, 2023 at BHIVE in downtown Brampton. The launch is an effort towards cultivating a dynamic start-up community, developing local talent, and becoming the launchpad for international start-ups. 

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are essential to the growth of startups, the tech ecosystem, and the resilience of the economy. Angel groups offer efficient and curated internal processes that enable investors to focus on what matters most – providing a professionalized asset to educate promising entrepreneurs and start-ups and maximizing return on investment. Brampton Angels is a members-only, not-for-profit organization of accredited investors. Brampton Angels seek investment opportunities in promising early-stage technology companies. In addition to financial support, Brampton Angels members provide dynamic early-stage companies with valuable mentorship and access to risk capital networks to initiate learning, networking, and growth. Brampton Angels will help companies reach new heights and accelerate them into becoming market leaders in their industry by bringing together investment, experience, and expertise. Brampton Angels is powered by Altitude Accelerator. 

“Organized Angel groups are the most effective means to help entrepreneurs attract critical seed funding and benefit from experienced mentors. An angel investor group locally is a signal of a promising entrepreneurial ecosystem. We are excited to help bring business leaders and accredited investors together in Brampton to help them fuel the entrepreneurial environment”, said Jeffrey Steiner, President of Angel Investors Ontario (AIO). 

To mark the launch of Brampton Angels, Angel Investors Ontario hosted a free founder training program to help Brampton startups on various topics such as raising money in a downturn, product development, building a team, building deal rooms, and more, to give startups the tools and resources to grow their businesses. 

In-person training sessions were conducted by Frank Auddino and Angelo Del Duca, the Executive Director, and Board Chair respectively of York Angels, and Sobi Ragunathan, Vice President, Operations, Strategy & Partnerships of 4S Consulting Services Ltd. They shared insights on Angel Investing and Smart Capital, the investor landscape and how to access capital, funding sources guidance from idea to proof of concept-seed stage growth/scale-up maturity and what do investors look for in founders and in a business. The training sessions presented the opportunity to hear from founders who have successfully raised from angels on some of the most asked topics. 


Innovation in Ontario is changing the world. From cleantech to advanced manufacturing to AI-powered medical devices and more, Canadian entrepreneurs are tackling big, difficult problems and building a brighter future for generations to come. To ensure our strong pipeline of local startup companies have a real, sustainable future and strong growth trajectory – within Canada and on the global stage – access to investors is absolutely critical. Brampton Angels will play a key role in fueling company growth and ensuring long-term local prosperity.” 

-Pam Banks, Executive Director, Altitude Accelerator 

“The success of innovative early-stage Canadian companies depends on the support infrastructure including professional services, mentorship- and of course ample supply of risk capital. Brampton sits right in the center of the Waterloo–Toronto innovation corridor and is the second-fastest growing city in Canada. And entrepreneurs in Brampton and around Canada now have access to a support system of professionals and investors from advanced manufacturing, food & beverage, health & life sciences, innovation and technology, logistics to help businesses scale to new heights and reach the next milestone.” 

-Louis Sapi, Chair of the Board, Brampton Angels 

Fast Facts: 

• Brampton sits right in the centre of the Waterloo–Toronto innovation corridor, which currently ranks as one of the top 20 technology clusters in the world 

• Located in the middle of the Canada’s Innovation Corridor and conveniently connected by the GO train, Brampton is the second-fastest growing city in Canada 

• Brampton’s top sectors include advanced manufacturing, food & beverage, health & life sciences, innovation and technology, and logistics 

• Angel investors often invest in early-stage technology or tech-enabled companies in various industries including ICT, healthcare, energy and utilities, and consumer products and services 

• A typical angel investment is $25,000 to $100,000 a company, but can go higher 

Founding Partners of the Brampton Regional Network 

Altitude Accelerator 

Innovation in Ontario is changing the world and Altitude Accelerator helps tech entrepreneurs grow strong, successful businesses and get to market faster. Altitude Accelerator offers personalized programs and 1:1 coaching services for every stage of growth, including our sales and marketing-focused Incubator and Investor Readiness for startups raising a seed round. Our unparalleled Advisor network is a deep bench of 50+ dedicated industry and subject matter experts who volunteer their time and skill to help our clients navigate specific challenges. Headquartered in Brampton, Ontario’s Innovation District, Altitude Accelerator is delivered in partnership with the Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation, & Trade. 

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Angel Investors Ontario Angel Investors Ontario supports 17 non-profit Angel Groups and 14 investment clubs across the province. Angel Investors Ontario fosters Angel groups’ success by sharing information and education tools, transferring best practices across the network. Over the past decade, through the groups and clubs that it mobilizes and supports, Angel Investors Ontario has enabled over $800 million dollars to be invested into over 700 high-potential early-stage ventures, in turn creating and retaining over 15,000 jobs.

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