All About PitchScore

PitchScore is a platform built to accelerate early-stage investment by helping founders to articulate their business, improve their pitch and find investment. Get to your investment faster with Pitch Science.

The angel groups in AIO’s ecosystem make use of this tool to find pre-screened companies from the PitchMap, score pitches and provide feedback to founders.

AI Pitch Video Analysis
  • AI driven feedback of your video pitch
  • 15 Benchmark comparisons on key factors
  • Insights into the pitch content you delivered
  • Sentiment analysis on delivery of pitch
Investor Evaluations
  • PitchScore Analysis, Evaluation, and Recommendations by at least 3 experienced Angel Investors
  • Data-driven Prediction of Probability of Angel Interest
  • Qualify to get on Canada’s PitchMap, used by Angel Groups and VCs to find the BEST Startups in Canada
  • Includes a 2nd evaluation (within 6 months)
  • Includes subscription and submit your 10-minute video and deck, our PitchScore panel is ready!