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Describing Ontario’s Entrepreneurial Culture

Ontario’s entrepreneurial culture is active, dynamic, and provides a multitude of resources to entrepreneurs, according to Angel investor Julie McDowell, making the province one of the best places in the world to found a start-up.

Golden Triangle Angel Network’s Randall Howard sees Ontario’s entrepreneurial culture as evolving, and is hopeful about entrepreneurship increasingly becoming the occupation of choice for young people.

The Attributes of a Successful Entrepreneur

York Angel Investors’ Jess Joss feels successful entrepreneurs need to have perseverance, faith in themselves, creativity, as well as something a little bit extra.

Angel investor Julie McDowell says the #1 attribute for successful entrepreneurship is resilience. 

Ryerson University’s Steven Gideon describes his feeling that to be an entrepreneur is to see the world not as it is, but as it can or ought to be. 

Reflections on The Value of Receiving Early-Stage Investment

York Angel Investors’ Jess Joss discusses the importance of her receiving family seed funding in the early stage of her business. 

While Maple Leaf Angels’ Probal Lala never received external financial investment in his companies, he did cherish the investment of intellectual capital by Angels and other mentors throughout his career. 

Angels’ Most Memorable Investments

Golden Triangle Angel Network’s Randall Howard’s most memorable investment also happened to be his smallest, with the $40,000 investment giving the group experience investing in the very earliest stages of a start-up.

Maple Leaf Angels’ Probal Lala’s most memorable investment was his very first because he learnt so much about the importance of relationship-building between Angels and entrepreneurs. 

Angels’ Inspiration for Investing

It was the learning and camaraderie that was found in his local Angel group that first inspired Golden Triangle Angel Network’s Benton Leong to begin investing.

York Angel Investors’ Jess Joss felt inspired to begin Angel investing through her family history of entrepreneurship and giving back, alongside the many networking opportunities that Angel investing presents. 

Julie McDowell started her journey into Angel investments as a means to tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges, by investing in companies that are making a difference. 

Angel Investment as ‘Smart Money’

Angel investment is smart money because of the mentorship and advice that goes along with the much-needed Angel capital, according to Golden Triangle Angel Network’s Benton Leong.

York Angel Investors’ Jess Joss agrees that Angel investment is ‘smart money’, as it comes with the expertise of the investors involved. 

Angel Investors Making a Difference

Benton Leong, of Golden Triangle Angel Network, suggests he and other Angel investors make a difference by serving as role models for the next generation of entrepreneurs.

As an Angel investor, Golden Triangle Angel Network’s Randall Howard feels that he has made a difference by helping build Ontario’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and, with it, the innovation economy of the future.

Maple Leaf Angels’ Probal Lala sees himself making a difference through his extensive involvement in Ontario’s entrepreneurship ecosystem, and shares his unique contribution to a local start-up.

Advice for Entrepreneurs Seeking Angel Investment

Golden Triangle Angel Network’s Benton Leong discusses the merits of entrepreneurs being honest with themselves and with their investors in evaluating their need for Angel investment.

Golden Triangle Angel Network’s Randall Howard discusses the importance of professionalism in entrepreneurs seeking Angel investment.

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